Jon Jones Surrenders His Light Heavyweight Belt in Latest Statement

Jon Jones is surrendering his UFC Light Heavyweight belt.
Jon Jones is surrendering his UFC Light Heavyweight belt. / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jon Jones is one of the greatest fighters to ever step into a UFC ring. He last fought in February against Dominick Reyes and defended the Light Heavyweight belt he won back in 2018 after being stripped of the title several times.

He has never been able to get out of his own way, though, and is once again in the news for reasons that will upset fighting fans. Jones is apparently set to surrender his title belt, and no one knows what will come next.

This all comes after a public spat with Dana White. Jones reportedly wanted to jump up to heavyweight, while White turned his overtures down and claimed the fighter demanded an insane amount of money.

Now, Bones is abdicating his throne.

Jones has a career record of 26-1, and the only loss came via disqualification. He is a legend of the sport, and him walking away after dominating the light heavyweight class for so long is terrible news. White should be doing what it takes to keep Jones around and not engaging in a passive battle of words.

The ideal situation is Jones going up to heavyweight and winning that title. Enough backlash over him leaving could force White to change his mind about such a deal.