VIDEO: Udonis Haslem Claims He Would Have Fought Michael Jordan and We Believe Him

Miami Heat stalwart Udonis Haslem is not afraid of Michael Jordan
Miami Heat stalwart Udonis Haslem is not afraid of Michael Jordan

While "The Last Dance" has provided an excellent retrospective on Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, it also highlighted how amidst the championships, Jordan was secretly one of the most difficult teammates to be around on a daily basis. MJ was known to take a swing at certain dissenters, and even went so far as to attempt to deny Horace Grant food after bad games. Well, Miami Heat ageless wonder Udonis Haslem, who always backs up what he says, claims that MJ wouldn't have been able to talk to him like that, as he would have "put his hands on him."

Haslem is the Heat franchise icon, but has been a psuedo coach/cheerleader for the last few seasons, as the Miami native and Florida Gators alum has played just seven minutes per game over 80 games in the last five seasons.

However, back in his day, Haslem was one of the most physical rebounders and low-post nuisances in the league despite his 6-8 frame. Of all the NBA players who would conceivably make this threat, Haslem is one of a select few who would back it up.

If Jordan ever considered getting physical with UD, a beloved figure in Dade County, you can believe that every Heat player would come to Haslem's defense.