5 Basketball Stars Who Need to Coach Their Former Schools

Providence v Marquette
Providence v Marquette / Dylan Buell

There is a new trend in college basketball when it comes to hiring coaches, and that's hiring former standout players. The latest to follow that path are the Michigan Wolverines, who hired former "Fab 5" star Juwan Howard as their new head coach.

While some are skeptical of this method, it does help having a big time player in the recruitment process. So that leaves the question, which basketball stars should consider coaching their former schools?

Here are five that could fit the bill.

1. Dwyane Wade to Marquette

Providence v Marquette
Providence v Marquette / Dylan Buell

Dwyane Wade officially called it a career at the conclusion of the Miami Heat's season. While he will enjoy the retirement life, there's no question that he could potentially coach in the future. Wade is supportive of Marquette, his alma mater, so why not become the coach?

2. Tim Duncan to Wake Forest

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs
Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes

Tim Duncan personifies the term "champion." He spent 19 years in the NBA, where he won five championships. Even in retirement, Duncan helped coach Spurs practices. With Juwan Howard heading back to Michigan, Wake Forest shouldn't hesitate to call Duncan in the future.

3. Jason Terry to Arizona

USC v Arizona
USC v Arizona / Christian Petersen

Jason Terry is currently a broadcaster after his 19-year NBA career came to an end. Terry has been vocal about his desire to become a head coach. He interviewed for the UAB position three years ago, but didn't get the job. Arizona could be a nice start to Terry's coaching career in the future.

4. Udonis Haslem to Florida

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat / Michael Reaves

Udonis Haslem has been a lifer with the Miami Heat. Rumors are beginning to circulate that Haslem is a candidate to replace Juwan Howard on Erik Spoelstra's coaching staff. That could open himself up for some future head coaching gigs. In the future, maybe his alma mater in the Florida Gators come calling, like Michigan did for Howard.

5. Andre Iguodala to Arizona

2018 NBA Finals - Game One
2018 NBA Finals - Game One / Lachlan Cunningham

If Jason Terry idea doesn't pan out, how about fellow alum Andre Iguodala? Not bad, right? Iguodala is a veteran presence on the Golden State Warriors, and in some instances, head coach Steve Kerr allowed him to draw up plays in huddles. Iggy could have himself a strong post-playing career as a head coach.