VIDEO: This Trey Lance Highlight Package Proves He's Creeping up on Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

North Dakota State's Trey Lance is a guy to watch this year.
North Dakota State's Trey Lance is a guy to watch this year. /

With the NFL dDaft over, the eyes of the nation have already turned to next year's group of college football stars. No position holds as much prestige as the quarterback position, and the current dominant forces in the NCAA are former national champion Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State breakout star Justin Fields. However, a lesser-known name should start to pick up some traction. North Dakota State's Trey Lance is an accomplished gunslinger, and although he's not a household name, this video shows why he could eventually be among the top bunch.

Lance didn't throw a single interception on 287 attempts. The fact is, he throws the ball a ton, and he doesn't cough it up to the other team. That's a huge deal for college quarterbacks, and the fact that he's pulled it off as a freshman is highly impressive. Now entering his junior year, Lance will be draft-eligible.

At a young age, he's led a team to a 16-0 record, and he's mastered the sacred art of not giving the ball away. He has room to drastically improve, and with an already-fantastic track record, that could spell bad news for other Heisman candidates. He could even boost himself into the first round of the NFL draft.

North Dakota State is never going to get as much attention as Clemson and the Buckeyes, but with numbers like Lance has and his sound fundamentals (as well as Carson Wentz paving the way), he's going to be a name to watch. Players like Lance can sneakily become top prospects.