Trevor Bauer's Sunday Freakout Could Reportedly Impact His Trade Value

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer is renowned for wearing his heart on his sleeve whenever he takes the bump for the Indians. And in some ways, his dominant starts are a product of his intensity.

However, the veteran right-hander's passion quickly turned petulant on Sunday when the ace -- who has a plethora of clubs chasing after his services ahead of the the July 31 deadline -- chucked a baseball from the mound over the center field fence at Kauffman Stadium when he saw manager Terry Francona was coming on the field to remove him from the game.

Forget his poor outing, Bauer's temper tantrum could reportedly impact his trade value as several members within the league's landscape are discussing (probably maligning) the untimely incident.

It's truly unfortunate for Trevor. But the fact of the matter is that the former All-Star is more frequently making headlines for his childish antics (and controversial social media presence) than his imposing outings. There's just no excuse for what he pulled today. Hand the ball to Francona and walk to the dugout like any consummate professional would.

Before fielding any questions from reporters after the game, Bauer delivered an apology, but even that might not be enough to save his stock.

Whatever The Tribe was demanding in return for a potential Bauer trade, well, they should go right ahead and immediately lower that asking price.