Trevor Bauer Wants to Play for Dodgers Someday

Cincinnati Reds starter Trevor Bauer
Cincinnati Reds starter Trevor Bauer / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer might be a Cincinnati Red at the moment, but he already has his eyes set on a potential homecoming.

Bauer was born in North Hollywood, grew up in Valencia, attended high school in Santa Clarita, and went to college at UCLA, located in Westwood. Bauer talked up the potential of playing for his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers, as he said he "would love to come home" during a FaceTime video with fans.

Bauer, who went 11-13 with a 4.48 ERA last season, is one year removed from a 2.21 ERA and an All-Star appearance, so Dave Roberts could get a pitcher with the potential to transform the entire starting rotation.

Bauer, a free agent after this upcoming campaign, has been quoted as saying he plans on only taking one-year deals in free agency to link up with championship contenders every year while maintaining the ability to bail if things look grim.

The Dodgers have enough short-term firepower and prospects marinating in the minor leagues to challenge for a World Series for the next decade. Bauer's thirst for a ring could be quenched by signing for his hometown team.

As if the Dodgers needed any more help with finding depth in their starting rotation, one of the game's nastiest pitchers might come home to pitch for his boyhood club.