Trevor Bauer Accuses Scott Boras of Sabotaging the MLBPA and We Need Way More Popcorn

Trevor Bauer has taken the gloves off and gone after Scott Boras
Trevor Bauer has taken the gloves off and gone after Scott Boras

MLB players have a hard enough time constructing a labor pact for 2020 that doesn't involve cutting the highest salaries in the game by almost $30 million. Now, Cincinnati Reds starter Trevor Bauer has taken aim at a new alleged foe: Scott Boras. He accused the super-agent of trying to stick his nose into the MLBPA's negotiations with owners for his own benefit.

Bauer lashed out at Boras for trying to "meddle" with the players union's affairs, claiming that the biggest agent in the sport wants to insert his "personal agenda" into these negotiations in ways that could have negative reverberations around the league.

Boras' conflict of interest in this argument is already blatantly obvious. Of course a baseball agent wants his main source of income to return, no matter what the deal looks like for the rest of the players.

While the players association tries to fight for a fair deal that doesn't reduce Mike Trout's salary to a fifth of what it was originally going to be, Boras is trying his best to muddy up proceedings so that the players accept whatever deal is presented before them.

Slimy doesn't even begin to describe this.

Bauer wants baseball back just as much as Boras does. One party, however, is negotiating via the union to craft a deal that is fair to all, while the other is allegedly trying to use this labor strife to his own advantage.