Scott Boras' Clear Conflict of Interest for Wanting Baseball to Return Has Reached New Heights

MLB agent Scott Boras
MLB agent Scott Boras | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Scott Boras has been hit pretty hard by the coronavirus shutting down baseball. Being an MLB agent managing a bunch of high-profile clients who aren't playing is a less-than-optimal situation.

Boras pleaded for baseball to return as soon as possible in a New York Times op-ed, citing countries like Germany and South Korea, which have allowed domestic sports to start up again, as evidence for the US to make it happen.

How shocking it is that the biggest agent in the sport wants his main source of income to come back?

While Boras isn't alone in voicing his frustrations with the lack of baseball, and he also isn't alone in his advocacy for baseball's return as a means of escapism for a stressed and worried public, he is definitely the wrong messenger for these points. This sounds more like an agent trying to make a few extra bucks rather than someone speaking out of genuine concern, especially since he's been outspoken since the get-go with little concern over the state of affairs.

Look, Scott. We all want baseball back as soon as possible, but we want it when there's no risk of worsening the current outbreak or creating a new one. It stinks we've had to make do without sports for this long, but bringing them back when it isn't safe because of entertainment isn't how any of the leagues should operate.