Toronto Sun's Reese McGuire Arrest Cover is Absolutely Incredible

The Toronto Sun had some fun with Reese McGuire
The Toronto Sun had some fun with Reese McGuire

The Toronto Blue Jays kicked off spring training with an unexpected bang when catcher Reese McGuire broke the law and basic human decency when he was arrested for indecent exposure after being caught watching porn in his SUV.

The Toronto Sun at least was able to make light of the situation, as they poked fun at McGuire's unfortunate attempt to liven up his afternoon with a truly hilarious cover.

McGuire, a former first-round pick who hit .299 with five home runs as the backup to Danny Jansen in 2019, was arrested for watching a "extremely pornographic" video in his SUV in a Dunedin, Fla. parking lot.

While he was described as "compliant" and did not deny the allegations, it goes without saying that McGuire is going to have to do a ton of rehab on his image after this sketchy incident.

Winning the respect of the clubhouse, especially as a young player, goes a long way. McGuire has a ton of explaining to do if he wants his teammates to look at him in a positive light ever again.