Tom Brady Watching 28-3 Super Bowl During Quarantine is a Classic TB12 Mood

TB12 is reminiscing about 28-3 this afternoon
TB12 is reminiscing about 28-3 this afternoon /

As we all know, the Atlanta Falcons choked away a Super Bowl when they allowed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to overcome a 28-3 deficit and eventually pull out a 34-28 victory in overtime just about three years ago.

Brady, just a few weeks removed from leaving New England for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has his Sunday plans all set, as he is hunkering down and watching a re-run of Super Bowl LI to remind him of when things went OH so right.

Quick bit of advice, Tom. Skip to about two minutes left in the third quarter. I have a feeling you'll like watching that part more.

In what would become the first of two Kyle Shanahan Super Bowl meltdowns (so far!), the previously unstoppable Falcons offense completely eschewed running the ball, which played right into Bill Belichick's hands.

The Falcons defense had no answer for James White and Julian Edelman, who helped Brady pull off the greatest comeback in NFL history, given the circumstance.

In this moment, Brady confirmed in the eyes of many that he is the greatest quarterback ever to play this game. Every time this game is on TV, all of Massachusetts will have their eyes glued to the screen.

And there'll be one viewer in Tampa-St. Pete.