VIDEO: Mitchell Trubisky Gives up First Down and Runs Backward to Avoid Taking Hit From Lions Defense

Matt Nagy is still finding something to be thankful for after a woeful first half against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. One play which effectively sums up Chicago's struggles was this attempt to convert on third down as time dwindled down in the first half. Mitchell Trubisky had a shot to get past the first down marker with a slide, but instead he turned tail and ran backwards in order to avoid getting lit up by an incoming Lions defender.

Just a couple more steps and Trubisky would have gifted the Bears a fresh set of downs with around 30 seconds left in the half. But, he decided to scamper off to the side and get out of bounds.

Eddy Pineiro was reluctantly summoned from the sideline to kick a short field goal while Nagy looked on in a fit of rage.