Tom Brady Tweets Instant Support of New CBA

Tom Brady likes the new CBA
Tom Brady likes the new CBA

Led by director DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA and NFL agreed on a new CBA before the 2020 season, agreeing to changes such as a 14-team playoff, a 17-game regular season, and an increased percentage of revenue going towards the players.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady congratulated Smith on a job well done in negotiations, as he tipped his cap to Smith on Twitter after the latter posted a lengthy letter explaining his thought process behind the negotiations.

Looks like TB12 was one of the 1,019 votes on the "yes" side.

This vote was as close as possible, as the "yes" votes outweighed the "no" votes by just 60 total. This is clearly not going to be a CBA that 49 percent of the league is in favor of, but the democratic voting process has seen this agreement ratified.

Whatever you think of the deal, fans all over the football world have to be thrilled that the league isn't going to go into a lockout while these CBA details are hammered out. Prepare yourself for a 17-game season starting soon.