Complete Timeline of Josh Hamilton's Troubles With the Law and Substance Abuse

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton / Jonathan Moore/Getty Images

Former Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had as much natural talent as anyone, but his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse derailed what could have been a legendary career.

Hamilton has once again run afoul of the law after being indicted by a grand jury for attacking and injuring his 14-year old daughter.

Hamilton's personal struggles have caught up to him once again and it's clear the man needs help given his lengthy history of run-ins with the law in addition to other alarming issues. Here's a timeline of all it:


Hamilton is sent to the Betty Ford Clinic by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to deal with his alcohol and drug issues that surfaced during the season.


Hamilton fails his first drug test, which led to a 30-day suspension. Hamilton later took the entire season off and didn't play baseball for several years.


Hamilton was arrested for smashing the windshield of a friend's truck. The Rays took him off the 40-man roster and put him on the restricted list.


Hamilton is suspended for the entire season after another drug relapse.


After making the big leagues with the Cincinnati Reds and establishing himself as a star with the Texas Rangers, Hamilton relapsed again. He was seen shirtless in a bar and was reportedly asking where he could find cocaine.


Hamilton, who has an MVP and Home Run Derby title to his name by this point, relapsed again after having a few drinks before meeting teammate Ian Kinsler in a bar. Hamilton agreed to a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels that same year.


After failing to recapture the form he had during his Rangers days, Hamilton relapsed again with cocaine and alcohol. The Angels later sent him back to the Rangers in a trade.


Hamilton was arrested for allegedly throwing a full water bottle at his 14-year old daughter and then hitting her in the chest.

The former MLB star has torn himself down and built himself back up several times over the course of his career, but this latest development might be too tough to bounce back from.