Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Replay Was Exactly What We Needed on Another Sunday Without Sports

Tiger Woods wins the Masters
Tiger Woods wins the Masters / Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Is there any better symbolism for the American populous right now than the 2019 Masters?

Sure, perhaps given the previous sexual exploits and fall from grace of Tiger Woods over a decade ago, maybe it's not the best metaphor for children of all ages. Yet, this comeback story can -- and will -- be us, given the hard work of health care professionals worldwide and our efforts to stay home, as simple as that may sound.

In airing Woods' pursuit of his fifth green jacket, and his eventual triumph, CBS did us a solid, while also reminding us what we're missing.

Nothing can replace the 2020 Masters, but Woods' narration of his own victory was a long time coming, and put us in his shoes while we aim to supplant our own internal struggle, one case at a time.

Tiger's victory, and the celebration afterward, brought together generations. Woods' mother, Kultida, holding his son Charlie tight in hopes that this time -- one time -- the resurgence of a great champion was real, brought tears to this writer's eyes, despite it taking place in a not-so-distant past.

One year later, and we still get goosebumps. It doesn't feel real, similar to the dystopia we currently live in. Yet, as he showed off his latest green jacket via webcam on Sunday, Woods' re-entry into the American sports' consciousness, and re-emergence as a champion, is something we can all believe in.

If Tiger can do it, so can we.