​Tiger Woods actually did it.

​Tiger Woods is a major champion.

It's 2019.

After taking the appropriate amount of time to soak in the validity of those words, it's fair to laugh at what just happened. It's been a long road back for all of us since Tiger's last victory in a major in 2008, and the world looks a lot different these days.

​​Hey, all of us did things we weren't proud of a decade ago, man. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, Tiger's rise from the dead taking place on Game of Thrones Sunday was all the more fitting.

​​You know nothing, Xander Schauffele.

The field took a bigger fall in this one than Tiger coming into contact with a ​rando at the 14th hole.

Bottom line, a lot of people have a lot of apologies to make to Mr. Woods.

Still waiting...

His response to his legion of haters really was seamless and breathtaking.

A few of our nation's greatest athletes are making calculations of their own after Tiger's 15th major.

​​DEAR GOD NO, Tom, just GO AWAY. Stop calling me.

That's more like it. Knock him down a peg.

Just look at Tiger reacting to this never-ending videos of his haters. Pure stoicism and resolve.

It's important to note, during this celebratory time, that Mike Francesca used his powers to propel Tiger to victory, as only he knows how.

Mike.............thank you.

​​The bottom line is, Tiger's back issue would've felled any other golfer, but his resiliency is unmatched.

​​Bad back, no back, back fat, it doesn't matter.

Even as a hobbled man, you know Tiger's in store for a pretty good morning.


Sleep well, fellow golfers.

Tiger's back.

Wait, that's not what we meant.

​​There we go.