This Yankees-Brewers Trade Involving Josh Hader Could Actually Work

Josh Hader
Yankees are interested in Josh Hader | Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Despite signing Gerrit Cole merely days ago, the Yankees are already on to their next move.

Such is life in the Bronx, where Brian Cashman is expected to deliver a winner year-in and year-out. Not just that, but the Yanks ought to go for the throat while they have the chance. They're likely to open the season as favorite in a crowded American League. Yet, why not separate yourselves entirely?

The Yankees are reportedly players for Josh Hader, arguably the best reliever in all of baseball.

Josh Hader Contract

Hader is scheduled to make just over $5 million next season, followed by three straight years of arbitration. Essentially, he's a bargain.

Josh Hader Trade Rumors

While not specifically a rumor, a trade of Hader to the Yankees would most likely center around prospects, as Milwaukee, a traditional small-market team, has been shedding payroll all offseason and doesn't possess nearly the farm system for their liking.

Thankfully, the Yankees have several top-ranked prospects, with pitcher Deivi Garcia leading the way. Garcia has received comparisons to Pedro Martinez, and while the Yankees value him as a potential future ace or No. 2 in a rotation, Hader is still just 25 and has years of control. Because of this, Garcia is the main trade chip Milwaukee should expect, assuming negotiations even make it this far.

Ken Rosenthal accurately states that Milwaukee would like a big prospect "at least" for Hader. Garcia ranks No. 62 in all of baseball and he's rising fast.

Should the Brewers need a throw-in, Clint Frazier could be the man. An MLB-ready player with some pop, Frazier is blocked at the major league level and would presumably love the opportunity to get more playing time on a contender. Add in another top-20 prospect as a cherry on top, and we might just have a deal.

Of course, no potential trade scenario is without faults, and either the Yankees or Brewers might not be willing to go through with such a deal. New York has the farm system and MLB-ready talent to get this done, should they choose. If Milwaukee is serious about trading Hader, this is where we'd start.