The Wall Street Journal Got Absolutely Ripped on Twitter After Running Awful Warriors Headline

Stick to stocks, Wall Street Journal.

In their recap of the Golden State Warriors' Game 4 win over the Portland Trail Blazers that sealed a trip to their fifth consecutive NBA Finals, the Journal chose perhaps the most hilarious, obvious headline possible. It reads like an Onion article.

Well...yeah. I guess you've technically got to give them that, but good grief.

To be fair, the Journal did realize immediately just how dumb that headline sounded and issued a tounge-in-cheek correction.

While some might have forgiven, Twitter did not, as they continued to flame the Journal for that unimaginative headline.

A basketball team wouldn't be good without their five best players. Only at the Wall Street Journal will you find such analytical, nuanced takes.

That combination of blandness and stating the obvious hasn't been seen since the last time Magic Johnson tweeted. Come to think of it, did Magic ghostwrite this?

Tune in to the NBA Finals in June to see if Jonas Jerebko can lead his Warriors to another title.