'The Last Dance' Director Reveals Hilarious Michael Jordan-Pat Riley Incident in Hawaii

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan
Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan / Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

"The Last Dance" peeled the cover off the Chicago Bulls dominance of the NBA in the 1990s, with previously unknown details emerging throughout. But in the following days, more and more stories have slowly surfaced that could not make their way into the documentary.

The latest involving Michael Jordan and Pat Riley is one of the best.

On "The Pushin' Thru Podcast," director Jason Hehir revealed that Jordan ripped a luxury hotel room in Hawaii straight out of Riley's hands back in 1993. Hehir recalls the conversation with Riley, saying, "Riley is staying in the presidential suite of this gorgeous resort in Hawaii ... And the manager calls him up and said 'Mr. Riley, you have to clear your things out of the presidential suite. We have an unexpected guest and we have to move you out."

That unexpected guest was none other than Michael Jordan.

Hehir continues, "[Riley] goes down to the pool. The staff comes up and moves all of his stuff out, and he's hanging out down at the pool, and he looks up at the balcony, and Michael's on the balcony, his balcony, waving to him from his original room."

Absolute gold.

Despite the theft and Riley's battles with Jordan's Bulls as coach of the Knicks and Heat, his respect for Jordan is clear, as even a man with numerous championships was no match for His Airness.

Let's see what other fascinating stories surface in the months following The Last Dance. We're entertained by every one that's come out so far.