VIDEO: 'Last Dance' Director Shares Awesome Pat Riley Story About Michael Jordan He Cut From the Film

Director Jason Heir sharing a story from Pat Riley about Michael Jordan
Director Jason Heir sharing a story from Pat Riley about Michael Jordan /

"The Last Dance" featured seemingly endless awesome interviews with not only Michael Jordan, but so many basketball legends. With way more than enough footage for 10 hours to handle, it stinks that we can't listen to all these interviews in full. Luckily, the director of the documentary, Jason Hehir, gave us a little more insight about Michael Jordan's personality from an interview with Pat Riley this week on the Pushin' Thru podcast, cohosted by ex-Bull BJ Armstrong.

Riley told an amazing story about how the former Knicks coach had to move out of the presidential suite of a resort because Michael Jordan wanted to stay there instead. Then, after Jordan moved into the room, he waved to Riley from the balcony of the suite.

If there is a single story meant to show off the six-time champion's personality off the court, it's this one. Anyone after watching "The Last Dance" can surely picture Jordan waving to the current Heat team president with that smarmy smile on his face.

This story just adds another savage moment to Jordan's legacy. He had so much power that he can get a luxury Hawaiian resort to move any guest to another room, just so he can stay in the best suite.

Hopefully, as Hehir and other members of the documentary crew go on more interviews, we can hear more stories like this one about the legend of the Greatest of All Time.