The Big Baller Brand Has Returned and Disaster is Probably Imminent

LaVar Ball, founder of the Big Baller Brand
LaVar Ball, founder of the Big Baller Brand / Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Has anybody else stopped to contemplate why they've thoroughly enjoyed the last several months? Well, that's probably because LaVar Ball, the loudmouth CEO of the Big Baller Brand, has been shockingly dormant.

Like any volcano, however, an eruption could materialize at any moment.

You know where this is going, folks. The Big Baller Brand, commonly known as "BBB," unfortunately announced its return on Twitter over the weekend.

Oh no. Who are those two other people?!

The "BBBisBack" promo code, which will give shoppers a 10% discount on EVERY item is surely to attract former endorsers of the company.

The Big Baller Brand website was famously shutdown shortly after the FBI launched an investigation into Alan Foster, a former associate of the Ball family, when Lonzo Ball discovered that more than $1 million of his money was missing.

Now, however, it appears that LaVar and Co. are ready to relaunch their polarizing brand, even if Lonzo opts to keep his distance.

It really was only a matter of time. Let's just hope that LaVar isn't invited back on daily sports talk shows to help advertise BBB's return.

History says that would be a calculated disaster.