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The Athletic LA Literally Forgot Chargers Left San Diego in Melvin Gordon Tweet

The Athletic has established itself as one of the most trusted subscription-based sports websites that provides coverage on both professional and college sports.

But maybe not anymore after this blunder.

In a recent tweet regarding the current contract situation of Melvin Gordon, the site's twitter account made a glaring mistake, addressing the Chargers organization as if they were still based in San Diego.

If you watched a single NFL regular season game or a good portion of the postseason, you would know that the Chargers are currently located in Los Angeles. It appears that The Athletic's local output is living in the past.

"Why did I get this story?" The Athletic's LA guy hopefully thought. "This danged team is in San Diego!"

The funny part isn't even the mistake, which could happen to anybody. The real comedic gold lies within the source of the tweet. You would think that, by now, it would be like second nature for their team of "all-star writers" to actually get the name of the organization that they are covering right. Apparently, this is not the case.

Hey, at least they got the state right.