The Astros Are Beyond Irresponsible for Not Preparing Their Players to Answer Questions From the Media

It's surprising just how quickly the Houston Astros have gone from the archetype of how to build a successful baseball team to the most irresponsible and scrutinized club in the MLB.

At this point, a few Astros players have addressed thee media in regards to the controversial sign-stealing scandal, yet they haven't helped the organization's cause with their comments. Despite the fact players were certainly going to have to talk about this scandal with the media, the Astros don't seem to have prepared them with talking points.

Third baseman Alex Bregman was crowded by media and asked about the current situation in Houston. For a player who seems to love the spotlight, Bregman had very little to say on this matter, instead referring to the commissioner's decision. In what few words he did offer, however, he managed to criticize social media's response to the scandal, claiming the latest rumors about the team's use of buzzers were "stupid."

Probably not a good idea to call baseball fans stupid at a time like this, Alex.

Jose Altuve, the second baseman at the forefront of this scandal, was also rather careless when addressing the media. When asked about the team's cheating, Altuve instead focused on the future, insisting the team would return to the World Series in 2020. While we understand his optimism, his lack of a real response to a scandal which he's so heavily involved in is disappointing.

The players were not ready to talk about the scandal, although the topic was obviously unavoidable. Altuve and Bregman, who are under the scope of just about every baseball fan in the nation, certainly need to be better prepared before addressing the media.