Alex Bregman is Just Asking for it After Criticizing Social Media's Reaction to Astros' Cheating Scandal

If it wasn't confirmed before, it certainly is now, folks -- Alex Bregman has officially lost the plot.

The Houston Astros' star third baseman somehow mustered the gall to assert that social media's reaction to the relentless fallout of the club's heinous sign-stealing ventures, most notably the speculation surrounding the alleged buzzers, as "stupid."

It's a level of pretentiousness we honestly didn't think was possible to be displayed by Astros players on the heels of one of the most deplorable atrocities in MLB history.

It's almost as if Bregman is feeding off the venom and the fact that the MLB did not discipline any players after handing down punishment on the Astros.

Did the MLB find evidence of the Astros donning on-field buzzers? No, but that doesn't completely exempt the club from those allegations. If this week has taught us anything, it's that literally nothing is out of the realm of possibility. The conspiracy theories will continue to stockpile.

Bregman's smugness is entirely uncalled for. Houston's sign-swiping escapade saw them win a World series, two AL pennants, and advance as far as the ALCS for three (!) consecutive seasons.

The two-time All-Star is simply asking for the media and MLB community at large to send more criticism and vitriol his way. This is going to look WAY worse if further wrongdoing on the Astros behalf is discovered.