Home is where the heart is. And maybe the job as well.

That's the case for former Baylor coach Art Briles, who after spending some time overseas as an American football coach in Italy, is returning to his home state. He is expected to be the next head football coach at Mt. Vernon High School in Texas beginning this season.

Texas high school football is a big deal. Heck, they play the high school championship at AT&T Stadium, better known to some NFL fans as "Jerryworld" and home of the Dallas Cowboys. So, it's no surprise that this coaching hire is making waves in the Mt. Vernon local community.

However, it doesn't seem to be a move that many are fond of.

Safe to say this guy is not so popular in industry circles. This is for good reason, as Briles was marred by a sexual assault scandal during his tenure with Baylor in which the school and the football team mishandled information on assault allegations.

The controversy has certainly left something of a black mark on Briles' resume, but nonetheless, Mt. Vernon High School football in Texas is counting on him to lead the team to future success.