Obvious and Suspicious Man Spotted Using Apparent Sign-Stealing Tech in 2017 World Series Clip

We were told the Astros were masterminds, identifying a perfect combination of relentless offensive players, following as blatant a tank as the world has ever seen.

Then, we learned that their entire "empire" (LOL, one World Series) was likely predicated on an elaborate version of sign-stealing featuring technology, cameras, and a trash can.

But this was a regular season thing, right? It...it stopped in the postseason? Well...a cursory look at the 2017 World Series video features a man by the dugout, seated near the trash can, taking down a screen the second the game ends.

He's also shielded by towels hanging above the wall, so that he can't be spotted from outside the dugout.

I don't know, folks! It's almost like every single bit of footage we're given backs up the reporting!

Houston is a relentless offense, sure, but a hefty portion of that relentlessness seems to stem from their ability to spit on a breaking ball upon its release. Thank you, screen man! Despite the towels, we still see you.