Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has become an outspoken figure in the NBA when it comes to politics.

Most notably, he has not shied away from criticizing President Donald Trump whenever the opportunity arises. After Trump let out a string of controversial tweets (surprising, right?) on Sunday morning, Kerr made sure to let everyone know how he felt:

Kerr's pointed words come in response to, among others, these tweets from the president, who told his female adversaries in congress to go back and "fix" the countries from which they (supposedly) originally came.

Of course, Twitter has since astutely pointed out that three of the four Congresswomen to which Trump was referring were born in the United States.

Kerr continues to champion players and coaches who have no interest in shutting up and dribbling, but rather those who hope to use their platform to create political change.

The coach shows no signs that he plans to hold his tongue now or in the future.