Stephen A Smith Clears up Hilarious Clip Discussing NBA Players' Sex Lives on First Take

Stephen A Smith discussed NBA players sex lives during the shortened season

Of all the safety concerns NBA players should have entering an unprecedented bubble season in the midst of a pandemic, Stephen A Smith and First Take managed to find one that none of us even thought of.

Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams discussed some of their issues with the upcoming shortened NBA campaign, and Stephen A brought abstinence to the table. Yes, we're serious.

Did...did anyone really have to say it, Stephen A? Sure, spending a month-plus away from a wife or girlfriend can be rough, but when one's safety is at stake, we'd hope they can do so.

Maybe I'm alone, but I didn't need that to be said. It does, however, provide us with some amazing content. But that's why ESPN pays Smith a gargantuan salary to begin with.

Poor Stephen A., it's tough being on the road so much. Thankfully, we all now know what's on Smith's mind when he's not yelling at Kellerman.