VIDEO: Someone Made a Clip of Stephen A. Smith Debating Himself and it's Spot on

ESPN's First Take Host Stephen A. Smith
ESPN's First Take Host Stephen A. Smith

When you're on TV for 10 hours each week and on radio for a further 10, there tends to be a lot of filler and forced debate as it pertains to your sports opinions. That concept can be illustrated perfectly with First Take talking head Stephen A. Smith, who can't seem to make up his mind and decide if LeBron James or Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA. This clip of Stephen A. "debating himself" perfectly shows off his dueling opinions on who rules the NBA.

It's as surreal as it is hilarious. Furthermore, it perfectly illustrates the pitfalls that come with firing off opinions on TV for two hours for five days a week. You're eventually going to slip up and contradict yourself.

Even his old running mate Skip Bayless couldn't escape the "debating himself" treatment, as he has changed his stance on Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers more times than we can count.

Smith can entertain with the best of them, but clips like these prove that he's not always the best with picking a side and sticking with it.