South Korea's May 1 Baseball Restart Date Proves How Far America Has to Go Before MLB Season Can Begin

South Korea's KBO is resuming play
South Korea's KBO is resuming play / Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has put all American sports on hold as the country works to keep this crisis contained. South Korea, meanwhile, has earned praise for how effectively "flattening the curve" of the pandemic was able to take place. In fact, they're ready to begin starting their sports league back up again.

After South Korea confirmed fewer than 100 new coronavirus cases each day in April, the KBO baseball league is planning to resume play on May 1.

The United States, meanwhile has recorded at least 24,685 new cases every day in April.

All told, if it took a country like South Korea that has been regarding as an shining example of how to deal with a pandemic all the way until now to get sports back up and running, it might be quite a while before North American leagues can resume.

The USA's response to this virus has been much less effective than that of South Korea so far. Unless we all stay home and continue to embrace social distancing, our sports are going to continue to remain on hold.