American Players Are Flying Back to Korea to Resume Baseball Season in Rare Positive News for Global Sports

Korean baseball might be on the verge of returning.
Korean baseball might be on the verge of returning. / Gene Wang/Getty Images

With MLB's Opening Day indefinitely delayed, and the future of Japan's game still clouded, too, the world's baseball fans have looked towards Korea in recent days for a rare glimmer of hope.

Recently, the KBO has resumed scrimmages, in anticipation of restarting a season originally set to begin on March 28 at some point in April.

Now, the league's American competitors are officially flying back to participate, in the latest sign that things are going according to Korea's secondary plan.

That's Tyler Wilson, a former Baltimore Oriole who now hurls for the LG Twins, and is certainly excited to be resuming what he loves to do.

South Korea's response to the coronavirus epidemic was a wave of preparedness, and it seems they've been able to pick up the pieces quicker than most. MLB is still in limbo, with a four-week Spring Training period necessary whenever they get the go-ahead to ramp up action. Every option is still on the table, seemingly, as the entire country remains on pause.

Meanwhile, action is unlikely to start in Japan's NPB until late April, at the earliest.

We'll take what we can get in these sorrowful times -- perhaps Korean baseball, and the nation itself, can continue to serve as a model for the West.