Someone Edited Kansas' Silvio De Sousa's Wikipedia Page After the Insane Brawl vs Kansas State

Pranksters got to Silvio De Souza's wikipedia page
Pranksters got to Silvio De Souza's wikipedia page

Kansas forward Silvio De Souza, averaging 2.9 rebounds per game on the season, kicked off a massive brawl at the end of the Jayhawks' win over Kansas State in Lawrence. Haymakers were being thrown between Jayhawks, Wildcats, and even those who weren't in the game.

Some Wikipedia pranksters got to De Souza's Wikipedia account, and apparently made some minor tweaks that are nothing short of hilarious. They stated he is part of the "Kansas Jayhawks Boxing Club" and that he is the adopted son of former NBA star Ron Artest, or Metta World Peace, known for the Malice at the Palace and other violent confrontations on the court.

"Ron taught him to never take hate from a fan and to always be ready to boom" is a quote right up there with Shakespeare as far as we're concerned. Anytime you're inadvertently bringing Malice at the Palace up with your play, you've probably made a series of increasingly dumb choices that got you here.

De Souza gave us all the best picture of the night, as he picked up a folding chair, apparently from the woman wrapped around his leg in the photo, and was prepared to use it as a weapon before he had the chair take away. This could have gotten really ugly.

All that hard work to finally end up eligible after years of fighting the NCAA, and De Souza might have blown his shot at making it in major college basketball by getting into one of the ugliest fights in recent memory. It's hard to envision him playing again this season.