Someone Edited the Dunk Contest Wikipedia After Aaron Gordon Got Robbed Again

Dunk Contest Wikipedia gets an Aaron Gordon edit
Dunk Contest Wikipedia gets an Aaron Gordon edit /

It's really hard to believe that actually happened AGAIN, but yes, Aaron Gordon is going home empty-handed once more, despite the fact that the whole NBA world agreed he should've been rewarded for his 50s.

Everyone appears to have been on board with Gordon winning, and you can see the evidence splattered all over the Slam Dunk Contest's Wikipedia page. Gordon got listed somewhere he probably shouldn't have been, but we can't argue with it.

Where's the lie? Find the lie!

It certainly seemed, to the naked eye (and to the incredibly trained eye, as well), that Gordon was robbed as powerfully as anyone's ever been robbed. This was Jordan-Nique '88, on the exact same turf.

Disagree with Wikipedia? Well, check the tape.

All in favor of keeping the Wiki edit up forever? No one really visits the Slam Dunk Contest Wikipedia page anyway, do they? Just leave it up.