VIDEO: Aaron Gordon Announces He's Done With Dunk Contest After Upset Loss to Derrick Jones Jr.

Aaron Gordon is done with the Slam Dunk Contest. Come ON.
Aaron Gordon is done with the Slam Dunk Contest. Come ON. /

Aaron Gordon is an excellent player, special leaper, and charismatic persona. But above all, he's quite possibly the best contest dunker this league has ever seen. Somehow, Gordon came up empty-handed again Saturday night after giving us sheer perfection, falling short in his quest and bequeathing the crown to Derrick Jones Jr. of the Heat. Depressingly, this narrow decision will be his final defeat; Gordon's calling it a Dunk Contest career after this one.

We don't blame him. This is getting ridiculous. But see what you wrought, judges? You've taken something GREAT away from the league with your off-hand numerology.

Gordon is absolutely correct with his logic here. He should be a two-time champ (though his loss to Zach LaVine was less egregious), and instead he's going home as the people's champ and nothing more.

Depressing to realize he'll never get properly recognized. At least we all know who the true champ is here.

Gordon waxed poetic after this one, and even may have given a sneak peak at his next move, hinting he'll start working on his 3-point stroke now. Might as well! That's a pure numbers game.