Section Full of Refs Shows Up at Islanders Game and Goes Nuts for Every Call

These fans/refs were going crazy at an Islanders game
These fans/refs were going crazy at an Islanders game

The world of refereeing can be extremely harsh at times.

You can be right 98 percent of the time, but the two percent in which you mess up can change the outcome of a game and ruin your reputation. Perhaps in a show of solidarity with the referees of the world, an entire section of officiating enthusiasts at a New York Islanders game came decked out in full referee regalia on Saturday.

They also exploded in cheers after every single routine, correct call.

Apparently this group is somewhat well known, and not just a one-off joke. They are members of a Facebook group that is open to the public, and they welcome any and all newcomers.

The group's annual takeover of one of the sections of Barclays Center has been growing steadily over the last few years, and it should only continue to grow now that members like David have had their moment in the spotlight.

Sure, he might be wearing a jersey from Brazilian soccer club Botafogo, but the sentiment is there.

Weird in the most delightful fashion, this cavalcade of passionate refereeing fans is here to spice up garden variety Islanders games once a year.

Will these wild folks follow the Isles back to the Coliseum when they move full-time, though?