Scott Boras Ruining Chances of 2020 MLB Season Would Destroy His Reputation

Controversial MLB agent Scott Boras
Controversial MLB agent Scott Boras / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Fans, players, and owners looking for one central figure to blame as it pertains to the 2020 season not starting up in the near future might need to look deeper than simply Rob Manfred. Rather, it's worth taking a hard look at super-agent Scott Boras, as the man who represents some of the game's biggest stars has been allegedly trying to convince players not to make any concessions in their fight with the league.

Boras has been fingered by MLB executives as someone that keeps trying to screw up negotiations between the league and the union due to his insistence the players get as much money headed their way as possible. If he truly has meddled behind the scenes -- and such meddling leads to no baseball in 2020 -- this man will have earned the status of MLB pariah.

David Falk, Michael Jordan's former agent who many consider as a major player in the 1998-99 NBA lockout, could only dream of doing what Boras has been accused of. His reputation might not recover from this if these rumored tales are indeed true.

Boras has continued to tell players not to move an inch and hold firm in negotiations. Even after being called out by Trevor Bauer on Twitter, Boras' scheming has continued almost unabated, per recent buzz.

Boras is already a lightning rod because of his often brazen behavior, and potentially throwing monkey wrenches into negotiations every other day and jeopardizing the 2020 season is a good way to make his name the most hated name in the entire baseball sphere.