Saints Somehow Thinking Trading for Eli Apple Was a Good Idea Made the Giants Look Like Geniuses

New Orleans Saints cornerback Eli Apple
New Orleans Saints cornerback Eli Apple / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Former Giants cornerback Eli Apple became the epitome of burnt toast during his time in New York, as the former Ohio State star consistently struggled to get the finer points of cornerback play down over his first three seasons in the league.

Enticed by his athleticism, the New Orleans Saints foolishly gave away two draft picks, a fourth and a seventh-rounder, to the Giants in exchange for Apple. Unfortunately, Apple continued to make the same mistakes he did as a Giant, albeit on a playoff team rather than a last place team.

Apple improved little in New Orleans, and he might have actually gotten worse in some areas. Problems with trying to stay with receivers deep down the field and outmuscling them at the catch point continued to crop up. In 1.5 seasons as a Saint, he knocked down just 13 passes and forced only three turnovers.

No wonder that he has still yet to find a team for the 2020 season.

The Giants looked like geniuses after picking up two picks for Apple, but the fourth-rounder they added was used to trade up and select Georgia cornerback DeAndre Baker in the 2019 Draft. Classic Dave Gettleman.