Saints QB Drew Brees Spurns ESPN and Agrees to Broadcasting Deal With NBC Sports

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees
New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

In perhaps the most seamless career transition we've ever seen, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will officially be a broadcaster whenever he decides to end his NFL career.

The bigger news? He spurned ESPN's offer to work on Monday Night Football in favor of Sunday Night Football with NBC Sports.

ESPN really can't catch a break here. They had Jon Gruden leave for the Raiders, Jason Witten bomb for a quick second, got stuck with Booger McFarland, and now have no Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.

According to reports, Brees will potentially replace Cris Collinsworth in the booth when the time comes. Al Michaels, who has spent years as Collinsworth's partner, will be replaced by Mike Tirico after 2022. The plan seems to be to have Brees ready to take over with Tirico in 2022, though that's NOT AT ALL confirmed.

Brees won't jump into Sunday Night Football action right away, though. When he starts, he'll be a game analyst on Notre Dame football and a studio analyst for “Football Night in America.” That experience will hopefully propel him into the SNF role as the network prepares for TV contract talks with the NFL.