Rutgers and Butch Jones Are a Match Made in Hell and We've Never Needed Anything More

Alabama Spring Game
Alabama Spring Game / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you were somehow feeling down in the dumps on this Friday night, this news is virtually guaranteed to bring a smile to your face...except if you consider yourself a Rutgers football fan.

The Scarlet Knights have reportedly brought in...wait for it...Butch freaking Jones(!) to interview for the program's current head coaching vacancy, and we've frankly never clamored for a pairing any more than this.

The Scarlet Knights, of course, fired Chris Ash in the middle of his fourth season at the helm after Michigan thumped his team 52-0 back in late September.

Rutgers has been the laughing stock of the Big Ten ever since they made the transfer from the Big East in 2012. Pairing their incurable incompetence with Jones' notorious outbursts (and own ineptitude) and you've got a match made in heaven.

Jones is currently serving in his second season as an offensive analyst for Nick Saban at Alabama, who hired him after his previous five-year stint as Tennessee's head coach.

What makes today's report all the more ironic (and alluring), is the fact that Jones actually began his coaching career at Rutgers, serving as a graduate assistant in the early 1990s.

More than anything, we need this reunion to happen. Just picture Jones press conferences after consistently getting pummeled by Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin. The NCAA needs to do everything in their power to ensure that Jones is appointed as Rutgers' new HC. We don't ask for much.