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Whit Merrifield Destroys Astros and Claims He Has 'No Interest' in Interacting With Them Anymore

Whit Merrifield
Whit Merrifield is just the latest MLB player to voice their displeasure with the Astros. | Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Let's get one thing clear: nobody across MLB is happy about what the Astros did to win their World Series in 2017. Despite what Houston owner Jim Crane claims, the Astros were given a competitive edge over their opponents as a result of their actions, and multiple players have spoken out about it. Trevor Bauer, Cody Bellinger, and others have all stated their disgust with how the Astros have conducted themselves over the past several years.

The latest player to break his silence on the subject is Kansas City Royals superstar Whit Merrifield. Merrifield is typically low-key and doesn't normally voice his opinion when scandals or controversies break out. However, it seems this was one instance where he just couldn't hold his tongue, and he went ALL in.

For a sport that prides itself on camaraderie and enjoying the company of each other out on the field, that is certainly a strong public statement to be made by one of the more recognizable names in the sport. I'm sure this won't be the last time that someone comes out with a scathing statement like this, and it is further proof of how damaging this scandal is to the Astros players that have refused to show remorse for their actions.

Baseball has a lot of cleaning up to do with regards to player relations. It's clear that players are upset with the lack of punishments, and if MLB doesn't do something about it, we may see a rise in hit-by-pitch rate.