​In sports, players are getting unreal contracts left and right these days. But perhaps one of the most egregious deals we've seen in recent years was Chris Paul's four-year, $160 million signing given his age and clear decline in play.

Is it the worst contract in the NBA right now? I'll let you decide for yourself, but after the ​Rockets were eliminated once again by the Warriors and are nowhere near winning another NBA Finals, you can't help but think what a huge mistake it was to pay CP3 so much cash, especially on the back nine of his career.

​​Yup, that's simply mind-boggling. According to Spotrac, Paul will make $38.5 million next year, $41.35 million the year after and then $44.2 million for the 2021-22 season. 


While there's no denying ​Paul is a star in this league, he averaged 15.6 points this postseason. His 8.2 assists are solid too, but there's no way he's worth $124 million over the next three seasons. The man is getting OVERpaid. 

Unfortunately for Rockets fans, it looks like last year was their best chance to take down the Warriors. Now, they've got to get ready for another NBA Finals watching from the comfort of their own homes. Brutal.