Rick Pitino Settles With Louisville and Gets Literally No Money in Obvious Loss

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Michigan v Louisville
NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Michigan v Louisville / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Former Kentucky, Boston Celtics, and, most famously, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, who was finally fired after years of blatant NCAA violations that included using an escort service and lump sums of cash to woo recruits, got the short end of the stick with regards to his settlement with the university.

As part of the agreement that he reached with Louisville, Pitino will receive a whopping $0 from the school and will have his reason for departure changed to a resignation.

Pitino was one of the most consistent, successful coaches in the sport over the last few years, but his shady activities eventually caught up with him.

As a result of his brazen violations, Louisville was forced to declare themselves ineligible for the 2015-16 tournament while vacating their wins from the four previous years, which included four Sweet 16 appearances, two Final Four appearances, and a National Championship.

As good of a job has Chris Mack has done, the program hasn't totally recovered just yet, and a large part of that blame should fall on Pitino's shoulders.

While it can be seen as a win for Pitino that his name is cleared on his personnel file, the 24/7 sports news cycle will never forget his actions (or at the very least unjustifiable inaction) while his program benefitted from unforgivable activities.