Report Claims Redskins Offered Immediate Assistance to Trent Williams After Medical Scare

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens
Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Trent Williams has been at odds with the Washington Redskins ever since the star offensive lineman claimed the wasn't fond of the way the team handled a medical scare he went through. Williams is seeking a trade from the team, and one of his main vices with Dan Synder and the organization was their response, or lack thereof, to Williams' possible cancer diagnosis.

Well, after Williams bashed the team, a recent report suggest that his side of the story isn't true. According to Erin Hawksworth, a league source explained to her that Snyder immediately got involved and tried to set up Williams with the best possible doctor, a complete 180 from what the offensive lineman had claimed.

Williams found a growth on his scalp he believed to possibly be cancerous, though he had it removed this offseason and everything is now fine, apart from his relationship with Redskins brass.

The star offensive lineman is holding out from the team, but if this report is to be believed, he's doing so without good reason.

Dan Snyder was painted in a bad light throughout this saga, but perhaps he's not deserving of all that negative energy. If he really did try to get Williams the help he needed, then it's pretty confusing why the 31-year-old is unhappy.

Regardless of how this situation was handled by both the player and the organization, Skins fans shouldn't expect to see Williams on the field any time soon.