Remembering Shawn Green Going Wild for the Dodgers With 4 Homers and Setting an MLB Record

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

One home run in an MLB game is an accomplishment. Two, impressive. Three is almost unbelievable. Four? Might as well be a fable.

But 18 years ago today, Shawn Green did just that for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Green joined fellow Dodger Gil Hodges as part of a privileged club to hit four home runs in a game, as it has been done just 14 times in MLB history. In fact, LA once ended up on the other side of the equation. Along with the homers, Green added a double and a single. Those combined 19 bases on the day are an individual league record.

Interestingly enough, Green was experiencing some hitting woes in the early going of the 2002 season. A few home runs in the first few games of the series against the Brewers were a sign of some improvement, but nothing quite like this. It was not a one-off either. Green's hot streak continued into the following weeks.

With numbers like that, it's no surprise Green was named an All-Star in 2002 for just the second and final time in his career. Above his other accomplishments, Green's career will likely be remembered for one of the MLB's greatest hitting performances in a single day.