VIDEO: Remembering Cubs' Glenallen Hill Hitting Home Run Out of Wrigley Field and Onto Roof of Apartment Building

Glenallen Hill hit his infamous rooftop home run 20 years ago today.
Glenallen Hill hit his infamous rooftop home run 20 years ago today. /

Major League Baseball is inching ever closer to returning, which is causing us to go down a wormhole filled with classic clips. Look, there have been plenty of famous home runs in the history of America's Pastime. But no one has ever done or replicated what Chicago Cubs outfielder Glenallen Hill managed on May 11, 2000. While facing off against the Milwaukee Brewers, Hill hit a massive home run out of Wrigley Field and onto the roof of an apartment building located across the street!

That's some major power!

The yellow-brick apartment building located on W. Waveland Ave. was constructed all the way back in 1909, a full five years before Wrigley Field was born. Strangely, that place of residence had never before been touched by a baseball, until Hill stepped up to the plate in 2000.

There has been much debate in regard to how far that baseball truly traveled. Some claim it was 460 feet, while Hill himself jokingly boasted that the ball traveled 700 feet! No matter the case, Hill accomplished something that will forever live in Cubs lore. No one had ever hit a baseball on the roof of that yellow apartment building before, and it's quite possible that it will never happen again.