MLB Could Submit 2020 Season Plan to Players Union This Week and Baseball is Finally Getting Closer

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred / Win McNamee/Getty Images

Are you ready for a regular season with half of the games you used to expect? How about a playoff field with two additional teams per league? Well, these proposals from Major League Baseball, which are far from set in stone as of this time, could be about to take a big step toward coming to fruition in a matter of days.

According to insider Joel Sherman, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is set to meet with representatives of all 30 teams on Monday to hammer out details for a framework to get the 2020 season started. That roadmap could be sent to the MLB Players Association for a vote soon after.

Folks, ever since the COVID-19 shutdowns began, we've never been closer to real, actual baseball. There's not quite a reason to celebrate quite yet, but we should all absolutely feel optimistic.

Under the reported parameters thrown around over the last few weeks, we can expect a reguar season of somwhere around 80 games, seven teams per league in the playoffs, and divisional realignment to limit long-distance travel. The players union must agree to any changes the league insists on, but it's clear that both sides have every incentive for getting a season going by early July.

Why, you ask? Money. Money, money, money.

Just keep holdng out a while longer, people. Major League Baseball is going to come back. Here and now, it's only a matter of time.