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Ref's Explanation for Awful Pass Interference Call and Challenge in Redskins-Bengals Game is Absurd

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 15: Kelvin Harmon #13 of the Washington Redskins is called for offensive interference against Davontae Harris #35 of the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth quarter during a preseason game at FedExField on August 15, 2019 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Redskins | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

When the NFL decided to allow video replay for challenges, we all thought it would clean up the game and make things better.

Is this making things better, though? In Thursday's preseason showdown between the Bengals and Redskins, one of the worst offensive pass interference calls in the history of this great game was somehow upheld. If you thought that was the worst part of it, wait until you see the explanation from the refs after the game, in which they abdicate all responsibility.

Thanks for nothing, Al Riveron. He's claiming that there was no clear evidence to overcall the play of OPI? Who in the world is his optometrist and how the hell did that sir or madam get their license?

Also, forgive me, but WHY won't you talk about what constituted it? This is a prime opportunity to discuss exactly that. That's kind of the job of a referee.

Fans across the country were outraged with the decision that was made. The fact that Joe Theismann was furious with the call should tell you something as well.

Took the words right out of my mouth, Nate. Look, no one expects the officials to be perfect, but the addition of video replay gives them no excuses to make bone-headed decisions.

On no planet is this offensive pass interference. Hopefully the refs are just dusting off some bad habits during the preseason and we don't see any of this nonsense come Week 1.

Perhaps they'll even be willing to discuss their calls at some point.