VIDEO: Garbage Pass Interference Call and Failed Challenge in Bengals-Redskins Proves We're Doomed

Dwayne Haskins went deep down the field to Kelvin Harmon late in Thursday's contest, and in the midst of what seemed to be a normal incompletion, we were instead treated to the latest example of the forthcoming hellscape. This bizarre contact was somehow ruled offensive pass interference, much to Joe Theismann's dismay. No matter, though, right? That's why we have challenges now! Uh...about that...

What type of world is this where we don't have enough evidence to overturn...that?

We know, we know. This is a deadlocked preseason game. Between the Bengals and 'Skins. Totally get it. Not a high-impact call.

But this is practice for everyone. From the refs to the backups to the chain gang, everyone is supposed to be getting reps in while the lights shine a little less brightly. This is so egregious it shouldn't even be permissible during the warmup stages of our new rules.