Red Sox Writer Claims Dave Dombrowski May Not Be Back With Team Next Year as He 'Isolates' Himself

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade
Boston Red Sox Victory Parade / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

With the recent struggles of the defending World Series champions this season, questions of a restructuring within the organization have risen.

And at the peak of those conversations sits president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski.

The Sox sit in third place in the AL East at 60-55, behind both the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees. The team is paying plenty of money to players who are performing poorly, raising questions about Dombrowski's abilities to put head over heart, leading to a lackluster title defense.

This tweet is a lot to digest, so let's break it into pieces.

First, Dombrowski has apparently isolated himself from those within the organization. He does not have many friends within the Red Sox, and with only one year remaining on his deal, it seems likely to some that he does not return to Boston next season.

Next comes the justification. The Red Sox own the largest payroll in the MLB, and yet see themselves looking up in the AL Wild Card race. Someone is to blame for that, and it's unlikely that the well-liked Alex Cora is the scapegoat. Dombrowski is responsible for the poor contracts to Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi, leavingn no money left over for a closer, proving he is significantly responsible for the bloating and remaining holes.

Finally, the tweet ends with a potential replacement for Dombrowski. The Sox depleted their farm system in trades, and need to focus on that going forward.

Even more pressing is the retention of Mookie Betts, their star outfielder. The former MVP is set to hit free agency in 2020, and could bolt from Boston if the organization is in turmoil (he's made it clear he owes it to his teammates to fetch a hefty sum.

It'd be in the Red Sox' best interest to figure this out swiftly to calm the storm in Boston.