Red Sox Reliever Brandon Workman Sure Sounds Surprised About the Mookie Betts-David Price Trade

Brandon Workman
Red Sox reliever Brandon Workman clearly wasn't thrilled about the team trading Mookie Betts | Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Despite what the Boston Red Sox have been trying to drill into the minds of their fans, trading Mookie Betts was NOT the franchise's only course of action to preserve capital.

To make the Red Sox' self-inflicted PR disaster all the more calamitous, they traded him twice, and to say that club's determination to offload the former MVP isn't sitting well with some players -- look no further than JD Martinez -- is an understatement.

Reliever Brandon Workman was the latest to provide his thoughts, and, essentially, he was of the understanding (like the rest of us) that superstars in the prime of their careers shouldn't be traded.

"There’s definitely a lot of background noise right now," Workman told MassLive on Monday. "But we’ll do our best to block that out and focus on getting ready for the season...You don’t expect guys like that to get traded. But that’s what happens. So we’ll go out and do our best.”

Congratulations, Boston. You've managed to thoroughly unsettle most of your roster with players finally reporting to Spring Training after a long offseason.

You would think that the "failed" deal going up in flames would serve as a message from the baseball gods to keep the club's best home-grown talent since Ted Williams.

Nope. That concept was clear to everybody but the Red Sox.

Now, the team's players are being forced to adjust to life without their five-tool world-beater. As Workman's comments suggest, that's going to take quite some time.