Red Sox Star JD Martinez Doubles Down on Sad Reaction After New Mookie Betts Trade Leaks

Boston Red Sox slugger JD Martinez reacts to Mookie Betts trade on Twitter.
Boston Red Sox slugger JD Martinez reacts to Mookie Betts trade on Twitter. | @JDMartinez28 Twitter

Boston Red Sox star JD Martinez was none too happy about the initial trade that would have sent Mookie Betts to Los Angeles. When the news first broke, the superstar slugger took to Twitter to show his dismay.

However, the three-team deal fell through, and for a brief moment it seemed there was a chance Martinez and Betts would get to play together for another season after all.

But that hope was quickly dashed thanks to a reworked deal. Following the latest announcement of the trade, Martinez once again voiced his displeasure on social media through a pair of sad-faced emojis.

Martinez truly got the short end of the stick in this entire situation. After opting into his contract, two of his star teammates were shipped out to the team that they beat to win the World Series in 2018.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to see him so distraught. His tweets serve as a reminder that these players form bonds with each other, and that blockbuster trades influence more than just stats and standings.

Not to mention the particularly painstaking ordeal that this trade turned into due to it being dragged on for multiple days. Clearly, Martinez isn't satisfied.

It's a shame that Martinez and his teammates had to go through this entire saga. Hopefully he can find some solace with his new teammates in the upcoming campaign and turn in another world-class season.